Friday, July 3, 2009

New and cool contest!

Actually, this is sort of a "Catch up" bunch of posts, so be prepared.

Well, the first one is sort of cool actually. I was over on Freebies 4 Mom and found this out...

Lean Cuisine is running a contest through October where every Friday they are giving away free meals for a week to 125 winners. The free meals for a week come in the form of 7 coupons for Lean Cuisine meals. NOW if we will actually get meals FREE up here or if there is a price cap on the coupon, I don't know, but I know that you could get them really really cheap if not free. So, I thought this was a cool thing to mention. The best part? I just entered the contest under three different e-mail addresses (that's all they ask for for the entry), so if you have like 17 bazillion e-mail addresses, I THINK the odds are stacked a bit in your favor ;-).

Go, HERE to enter!

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