Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alaskan Coupon Giveaway!!!

Alright guys and gals. I KNOW this is sort of stupid since my blog is so new, butttt I want to do something cool to celebrate the fact that we DO have people that visit the blog *laugh* and the fact that I have hopefully helped people to save money since STARTING the blog. And I have a good excuse to do something neat.

My husband and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary this coming Monday (the 29th) and to celebrate this occasion, I figured I'd host a giveaway.

The details are this. Between 4:00 today (since it's 3:30 now) the 23rd and 4:00 pm on July 5th, you have a chance to win a packet of coupons (July 5th is so that I can get the maximum cool coupons for you on anything that might come out at the beginning of the month). I can't guarantee the monetary value of the packet, but trust me it'll be more than a fair amount.

Now, this is sort of the (I like to think) neat part. This giveaway is open to ALASKANS only (sort of a reverse of what we are used to with the whole "Not open to Alaska and Hawaii" stuff) to celebrate the fact that this is really an Alaskan based blog (other giveaways later on with be open to others too don't worry).

How do you enter? Simple. Leave a comment on this post with your name and e-mail is a way to get one entry. Join the blog (through the "Follow" link on the side of the blog) and you can get another additional entry (if you already follow the blog please be sure to mention that in your post to enter the contest so I know that you have two entries coming to you). Please when you comment let me know if there are certain coupons you need or want...such as baby coupons/formula coupons, diaper coupons, pet coupons, feminine care product coupons, etc (I don't want to end up sending a single dad with two boys a whole bunch of Kotex coupons for instance...see what I mean?). If you don't say anything I'll just assume you don't care and make a good selection of coupons from across the board.

After 4:00 pm on July 5th a winner will be chosen at random and sent an e-mail saying "You've WON the Alaskan Bargain Hunter Giveaway!" and I'll ask for your mailing address to send the coupons (and NO I will not give your information to anyone, or will I send you spam or anything else, just to let you know). You will have oh...I'll say 4 days (since it'll be a weekend and I don't want people to miss this if they get the e-mails during the week or whatever) to get back to me and let me know your info and if the winner fails to get back to me another winner will be chosen.

And that is that! Happy entering!


BEFFY! said...

yay! a fun alaskans only giveaway! i love it! i am a follower, and thanks so much for your site. i have a new baby and hardly have time to organize my coupons to match up with store deals, but we are doing our best! thanks again!

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Hey Beffy,

Could you leave your e-mail, so I have a way to get ahold of you. I'm an idiot when it comes to the profile thingies if your e-mail is on there. Thanks so much!

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Thanks :-).

buswellj said...

nice giveaway

BEFFY! said...

sure! i've been on vacation (but still check your site!) and can't wait to get back home on the 4th to get in on some of the deals this week. my email is baaramewe1@clearwire.net . thanks again for finding all the deals for us-it's such a help! -beth in eagle river