Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Gift a Day Gift Twelve: Pot Holders

When it comes to therapists and teachers (and aides) I make gifts to appreciate them all every year for all the work they do with my kids.  Fireweed jelly would handle some therapists and other canned goods would handle therapists, but I still had a heck of a gap when I started figuring out school personnel that I had to give gifts to (in some cases by request of my daughter).

And I have a TON of cotton yarn I've accumulated over the years from past projects.  So, I decided to make people pot holders.

I used a double layer of cotton yarn in various colors for the pot holders (one shown here) and just eyeballed how big to make the "center" of the pot holder.  I used size seven needles by the way, in case you might want to try this yourself.  I then crocheted a frame around the center of the pot holder and crocheted a hanger into the frame at the end and voila!  Nice and thick pot holders that won't burn your hand, but are home made and special (and yes, I tried them out to make sure they weren't going to burn through easy).

Total Time to Complete Gift:  About two hours per pot holder.  I'm up to three made now.  I just do them while I'm hanging out waiting for my son at therapy.  Perfect small project to do during that time.

Total Cost for Gift:  Nothing so far.  These are kind of addictive to make, so I'm hoping I don't go too overboard in the long run making them *laugh*.

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