Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quick Update

If you're wondering where Menu Plan Monday went this week...well...I haven't made a menu yet.  Everything got sort of tossed to the four winds with the new news on allergies and such.  So, consider this "I'm winging it" week and call it good I think.

As for Totally Natural Tuesday it IS coming.  I've been out a lot today doing errands and work that needed to be done and then we had an eye doctor's appointment for my son.  So, we're pretty busy again this week :).

Just wanted to give an update and say, "No, nothing bad has happened around here" as I've gotten a few concerned e-mails from friends who read the blog and have seen I've been sporadic this week on the blogging front (after last week my friend Kelly was praying the house hadn't blown up *laugh*).  So, absence explained :).

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!  I know I am :)

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