Monday, April 2, 2012

Important Information (Blog Related): Never say it can't get worse...

Okay, I officially want to take computers, the whole lot, out into the yard and shoot them all.  *Screams in frustration* I wish that helped.  When my old computer became infected with viruses I tried to take it in stride.  When my husband spent 200.00 "building" a new computer that doesn't work I really tried hard to not get overly frustrated.  When he bought a "new to us" computer for money we didn't really have to spend, I comforted myself that it might come in handy.  I really tried to not say, "Gee how can this get worse" at any given time because I knew that it COULD get worse.  Well folks, it's worse.

My "new to me computer" that I've had for, what, less than two months?  Last night the hard drive up and DIES on me!  The IO system became corrupted beyond repair and now my boot system on my hard drive is completely gone. 

I ran test after test and went and did online trouble shoot, called tech support and no one could help me SAVE said hard drive.  It's always nice to know that you are up a creek without a paddle.

So, my options are to go and bring in the hard drive and get it completely reformatted (low level basic formatting and the whole nine yards) and pray that works or get a new hard drive.  And at that point I also have to buy Windows because the computer we bought didn't come with Recovery discs.  So, I'd be out another three hundred bucks that I plain don't have.  Or I could go and buy yet ANOTHER computer, which I'm not thrilled at the idea of since it seems I've developed one heck of a bad luck streak when it comes to technology as of late.

Basically, until I can cobble together some type of computer that will work...I'm sort of doomed in doing anything online (my husband's computer isn't working great either, so I want to avoid using it as much as I can).  So, in short, I have NO IDEA when I'm going to be blogging again.  Hopefully soon, but we'll see how it goes.

In the meantime folks, I hope that technology is being better to you than it has been to me as of late.  Take care and I'll see you when I can!

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