Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Back Online (sort of)

Yay!  I finally have a computer that is online.  I had a laptop that I bought a while back specifically to have in the kitchen to write recipes on and basically do low impact types of things with, but since it's a fully working computer I got it online and have been updating it for a week straight trying to get it into my new "working computer" for the time being.

The downside to everything is that all of my bookmarks...which no joke amounted to about 150 bookmarks with different cool projects, recipes and just general other "cool stuff" were wiped out with my old hard drive (can I cry and whine now?) so it's going to be sort of...well "fly by the seat of the pants" here while I try to remember the next 3 weeks of blogging (my blogging schedules were ALSO lost on the old hard drive...grumble) and try to look things up again.  So, just stick with me here if you please and HOPEFULLY this computer will live for a while.

So, upward and onward folks!

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