Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hearth and Home: DIY Citrus All Purpose Cleaner (EASY and cheap!)

Citrus Cleaner ready to "Stew"
Okay, so I've gotten a few e-mails the last little bit asking if there was any recipes for cleaners that I could dig up that didn't require the use of essential oils but would still smell good.  I know some people are on budgets and don't feel like spending tons of money on essential oils, so I wanted to share this recipe for those who wanted a cheap and easy all purpose cleaner recipe.  Sorry for you impatient folks as this still takes two weeks to "stew" but it works and works well.  If you are allergic to corn, feel free to use apple cider vinegar in this too.  I used a combo of half and half for the pic seen above as I was trying to use the rest of my white vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar would just make it turn out darker colored, which isn't a big deal (like your counter will care what color cleaner hits it right ;).  Be sure to use a vinegar that is 5% acidity is the only guideline I'd give you.

Note with the citric acid and the acidity from the vinegar I probably would NOT want to use this on my good wooden table, but this is a good one for counters, bathrooms and the like.

So, here you go folks.  Citrus cleaner with no essential oils involved (unless you want them to be ;).

Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Citrus Peels (I used leftovers from my lemons I've been using for juice in my iced tea today and took the leftover peel off the orange I used to stuff my chicken with tonight).  If you need to save up citrus peels over a couple of days be sure to store your jar in the fridge.  You don't want to pick up funk.
  • 1 Quart Mason Jar
  • Vinegar

1.  Pack your citrus peels at least somewhat tightly into your mason jar (wide mouthed jars are good here).  If you pack them in too lightly you're going to end up with floating peels and less effective cleaner.

2.  Pour vinegar over peels in jar until jar is filled, screw lid onto jar and then stick in a cool dark spot to sit for two weeks.

When ready to use:

Mix 1 part cleaner to 1 part water (preferably distilled) in a spray bottle and use as you would any all purpose cleaner.

See, told you it was easy.


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