Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Recap (Allergy Friendly Friday, Try Something New Saturday and Sweet Savings Sunday)

Okay, so here's a quick recap of events from the weekend...

Allergy Friendly Friday:  I am claiming my Turkey Meatballs in "Cream" Sauce as my recipe share for that.  Why?  Well, because I'm tired, have tons of recipes to share/choose from that I don't feel like looking through right at this moment AND by golly I'm proud of that recipe ;).

Try Something New Saturday:  SADLY the above Turkey Meatball recipe will have to suffice for that too since that's the only "new" recipe I actually made last week and/or new something I tried.  I'm still fighting off this cold and Friday night my son started running one heck of a fever that lasted for 24 hours (oddly enough it seems like he's only congested right now at night where I was expecting him to be in full on cold mode by now...not complaining, mind you, but still...).  Don't worry though I did order some "new" things to try and I'll do some reviews as soon as I get them in and try them out (including a non-corn alternative to popcorn.  Sound interesting?  I thought so too).

Sweet Savings Sunday:  Ugh.  I mean just ugh.  The sales this week are sort of sad (well really sad).  The coupon front last week was sad too.  I haven't had a lot of time to mess around on Amazon to see if I can come up with some good deals through them, other than I did find this...

  • 5 lb Resealable Bag Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips for 32.96, ships free (with the Super Saver Shipping) and it DOES ship to Alaska (the only one I could find of the Enjoy Life Chips that would ship up here. I can't wait for mine to ship! So, so excited :).  32.96 for five pounds of chips, I thought, was a pretty good price.

Never heard of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips? Well here's a rundown on why they are so expensive. They are (taken from their product description on Amazon)...
  • Certified gluten free
  • No wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish or shellfish also made without casein, potato, sesame and sulfites
  • No trans fat or cholesterol, certified kosher, vegan - no preservatives, all natural
  • Made in a dedicated nut- and gluten-free bakery
  • Contains evaporated cane juice, chocolate liquor, and non-dairy cocoa butter
  • Soy free, semi sweet chocolate chips
Getting the chips this way was WAY cheaper for me than paying for peanut and nut free certified ones through Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, I know they are safe this way, good quality and tasty (I've had them before :). 

By the way to all the nut allergic out there whose kiddos love M&M's (the one treat my kids adore) the Skippers from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates are GREAT and I order them 5 lbs at a time (they DO contain soy and corn starch though, so be aware...so far so long as I don't let the son gorge on them they seem to do fine with him, but I just wanted to warn you).

So, yeah, anyway, that's the basics from where I am as of today.  I'll keep you updated on any cool deals on Amazon I find, but for the most part...Sweet Savings Sunday is sort of dead in the water right now due to lack of content.

So, let's get this post over and done with so we can move onto the menu plan for this week shall we? 


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