Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We Repurpose Wednesday: Turn a Tuna Can Into a Stove (two different ways)

I remember my days back in Girl Scouts with GREAT affection.  I loved camping when I was a kid so learning all the survival stuff that went along with it was just a super duper double bonus.  This is one project that I was hoping to actually DO and show you guys myself, but just don't see myself having time (or the need for these) right now.  My family though, I say with great pride, was known for making these well and we were always volunteered to show off our skills at different Girl Scout functions.

By the way, these are also nose bleed simple and if you take a number 10 can (big coffee can size) And make a camp stove out of it you are so ready to rock for next to nothing.

So, go HERE where Root shows you how to make your own "buddy burner" out of a tuna can, some wax (you can also use Parowax...find it over in the canning section of your local store if you don't have candles to use up), and some cardboard (by the way for a longer cooking time coil your cardboard more tightly, but don't go overboard because you want to make sure the wax sets into the cardboard right :).  If you don't have a wick to use just stick the cardboard up in a few places (we'd just add a few pieces and stick them into the coils) and make sure NOT to wax the parts that are above the coiled cardboard.  Tadaaa!  Instant wick (cotton shoe laces also make great make shift wicks too by the way).

Want a more "sophisticated" looking piece of equipment?

Go HERE where shows you how to make an alcohol tuna can stove.


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