Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Take it to the Streets Tuesday: "How Can You Tell if Your Eggs Are Good?"

Yay!  I actually got a question in the e-mail!  Ahem...sorry I just get overly excited for little reasons sometimes :).  I love it when I know the answer to a question too and don't have to look anything up.

Rachel writes...
"Is there a way you can tell if an egg is good or not?  I always throw out eggs after about two weeks but have noticed that my new mother-in-law keeps them much longer and they seem to be fine.  I'd like to save money any way I can so was wondering if there was a way I could check if an egg was still good or it needed to be thrown away."

Yup!  Indeed there is a way to test if an egg is good or not and it is SUPER easy to do, and honestly it's always a good idea to do it.  ANYTIME I use an egg, even if I just bought it that day, I still do this test as you never know when the egg might have a crack in it you can't see or something else funky is going on that you might not have been aware of.

Take a glass of water (I just take a coffee mug and put it in my sink to catch any overflow) and (CAREFULLY) drop your egg into the water.  The egg should sink...not like a rock or anything since there's always going to be an air pocket in the top of the egg, but the bottom should definitely sink and clink on the bottom of the mug.  If the egg floats on top of the water it's gone bad and you should throw the egg away.

Easy to do and always a good idea to help protect everyone from food poisoning.

Thanks for writing!

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Brownie said...

Got food poisioning from an egg once and haven't been the same since then. Definitely check your eggs!