Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recipe Share: Lentil "Meatless" Loaf

Stand in Picture of Mini-Meatloaves provided by me ;).
One of my friends is in a terrible bind in that her son has allergies to pretty much every meat available (she keeps kidding she needs to get her husband to go hunting since wild game is about what they are down to) and is now gluten and dairy free.  Talk about challenging!

So, I wanted to share this recipe for her in case she ever wants to try it :).  And to those of you who have meat allergies...this is a recipe that I'VE bookmarked and I can eat meat.  That's telling you something!

If garlic allergic I'd suggest subbing out shallots in the BBQ sauce or Use one of my Recipes here.  The ketchup based BBQ sauce is nice and spicy if you need a substitute :).

Go HERE where A Healthful Pursuit via Tasty Yummies shares a really awesome looking recipe for lentil loaf!


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