Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the Kitchen: DIY Minute Rice

Image Source:  Google Images
Once you realize how ridiculously simple Minute Rice is to make you are going to kick yourself for shelling out tons of minute for Minute Rice (the home made stuff TASTES a lot better too). 

Go HERE where Backpacking Light shows you how to make your own Minute Rice with a food dehydrator, or not, and shows you how to store and use it. 

Very cool stuff!  Why spend 5.00 per box (or whatever it goes for these days...I haven't used that stuff since I moved away from the old PA family homestead YEARS ago) when you could buy a bulk thing of rice for 17.00, make a bunch of your own and not worry about having to spend tons of money on it later?  Gotta love it!


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