Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In the Garden: Build Your Own Clay Oven

Not really a clay oven, but it still looks cool doesn't it?  Image Source Wikipedia
Okay, first off unless you are living in a construction zone this summer I'm not sure how readily available clay is in the ground in Alaska.  I know when we put our deck on our house we had fun messing with the clay that was dug up, but I'm not sure how varied it is around here.  I know when I lived in PA I could have built one of these suckers for free just by picking up materials around the homestead, but at least up here I know you'd probably HAVE to purchase the bricks and I'm not sure about the clay.  Still, the project looks like fun anyway :).

Go HERE where Green Living Ideas shows you in 10 steps how to build your own outdoor clay oven.


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