Saturday, March 31, 2012

Health and Beauty: Make Your Own Sun Screen/Moisturizer

One of the big disadvantages of my son's contact allergies is that he's allergic to pretty much anything skin care related unless I make it from scratch.  Zinc Oxide, unfortunately for us, is one of the things on that list.  BUT, if you are allergic to zinc oxide, try omitting it from this recipe and you'll still end up with an awesome recipe for home made moisturizer (you MIGHT need to up the beeswax content, though, if you want it to be solid enough to replace the lost zinc oxide acting as a binder).

So, anyway, go HERE where Frugally Sustainable shares a recipe for home made sunscreen.

By the way looking for cheap prices on zinc oxide?  One of our readers was nice enough to point me toward E-bay when I was looking for some and BOY is it cheaper there.  You can get a pound of zinc oxide for around 10.00 shipped, even to Alaska (and that will make a LOT of different products in the years to come).


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