Saturday, March 24, 2012

Common Knowledge Some-Day (why bother with day names at this point?): How to Sharpen Knives!

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Sorry I've been "out" here folks.  Seriously this cold just...ugh!!!  Even my husband, whom I thought had gotten over this thing suddenly had a relapse and my daughter, who I thought had just managed to not catch said cold...both of them are down today feeling icky.  How I'm EVER going to get enough sleep to fight this darn cold off is beyond me.

But, anyway, here's "Common Knowledge Thursday" two days late *ugh*.

Go HERE where The Blade Craftsman shows you how to sharpen knives like a professional.  Just look below the photo and click "next page" and it'll walk you through the tutorial.

Trust me, my mother never believed this but it is SO true, you are WAY more likely to cut yourself on a dull blade than on a sharp one.  So, please be sure to keep those good knives sharpened :).


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