Thursday, March 8, 2012

Canning and Preserving: How to Make Pectin

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So, you wanted to make jam but find yourself out of pectin to make it, but you have a bunch of apples (okay, so that's not really realistic, but still go with me on this one ;), or (more realistically) you are canning and have a BUNCH of apple peels left over or are just plain concerned where your pectin comes from that you make jam with.

Well, did you know you could make pectin yourself?  Makes sense since this stuff has to come from somewhere, but I admit I was a bit awed when I first ran across the idea.  All the pectin I've known my entire life has come from a box or in a plastic container from the store. 

Anyway, go HERE where Pick Your shows you how to make your own fruit based pectin.


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