Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Allergy Friendly Friday: Some Make Up Work/Cool Recipes to Share

Yeah, sorry that "Allergy Friendly Friday" has sort of been MIA the last little bit.  Probably just due to the fact that toward the end of the week we're pretty busy around here (and we've been sick with colds for pretty much a month straight).

So, to make up for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks, I have a nice little bit of recipes to share that I PERSONALLY think are pretty awesome :).

Go HERE where gives you a really EASY recipe for gelatin free...well jello.  I'd replace the cornstarch with arrowroot if dealing with a corn allergy too, but this is a great recipe for the beef allergic out there.  If you take 1 1/2 cups of whatever liquid is in the recipe you are making and use it in place of the juice this is supposedly a really good replacement for gelatin in recipes too.

I was on a search for corn free marshmallows when I ran across this recipe (I HAVE my own recipe around here that I'm trying to find that if you used corn free powdered sugar like Carr's generic organic corn starch you'd be set...but I'm still having problems finding where the "safe" place I stuck it is).
Go HERE where Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom shows you how to make corn and gelatin free marshmallows (if you don't let them harden and use the mix immediately after mixing it all up it makes KICKING marshmallow fluff by the way :).

And, this was an awesome little one I ran into too, go HERE where, once again Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom shows you how to make dairy/casein, soy and corn free vegan butter.  Since I'd be lost without some type of butter in my life, I figured I HAD to share this one with you all.

So, there.  Now I don't feel like such a slacker :).


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