Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take it to the Streets Tuesday: Should My Salve Be Green?

This latest question comes from Anonymous (least they didn't sign their name on their e-mail :).

I recently tried out your Eczema Cream Recipe and it works great, no complaints there!  My biggest concern is that I accidentally doubled the amount of plantain oil *young toddler and husband talking in my ear...don't ask...* in the recipe and when my cream set the salve was green!  Is this something I should be concerned about?  Did I do something wrong that messed up the salve, since you said the salve tends to turn out yellow, correct?  The oils don't smell bad or anything and the salve seems to work okay, but the green tint has me concerned."
*Laugh* I am so sorry that I didn't mention that little "quirk" with plantain.  From what I gather plantain is green (in it's dried state...no duh that it's green alive, Erika *shakes head*) and has a tendency to leech that green tint into things you use it in (like plantain oil for instance.  Look at your plantain oil compared to, say your Calendula oil.  Notice the green tint to it?).  Why other "green" plants don't seem to do it as well as plantain, you got me on that one (I'm no botanist, but I'm sure it has something to do with chlorophyll since that's what makes plants green...I think).  But, I have definitely noticed that if I use a high portion of plantain oil in things that they do indeed turn a slight shade of green.  So, don't panic and use the salve as needed.  Just keep a nose out for funky smells (just in case) and make sure that nothing starts growing on your salve and you should be fine (if you used enough essential oil you should be okay anyway).

By the way, I'm THRILLED the salve worked for you =D.  I'm quite proud of the recipe...although now I'm intrigued about doubling the plantain oil...;).

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