Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple Sewing: Make a Reusable Shopping Bag from a T-Shirt (2 methods)

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Before you ask...yes I'm on a t-shirt kick and plan to pick some up at the used store to do some of the awesome projects I've found the last little bit :).

Okay, so I love this idea I really do.  Why?  Because I have forgotten to pull my reusable shopping bags out of the washer and hang them up and then I end up pulling out a bag that has some  melted pieces on it from the dryer or places where the plastic-like material has done some odd things.  Not fun.  Doing bags this way you can EASILY scrunch them up and throw them into your purse, you know they are made from 100% cotton so you know what is coming in contact with your food (if you purchase the right type of t-shirt anyway :), you can make ones that look cool AND you can just throw them in with your regular laundry.  Total win-win situation here!  And after reading up on them online they work WELL and are pretty tough.

So, check this idea out.  Take an old t-shirt and with VERY minor sewing you can make a reusable shopping bag in like five minutes flat.  OR with the other method you don't even need to sew (although honestly I think threading the string through the t-shirt would take me WAY longer than setting up my sewing machine) if you'd like!

So go HERE where Wild Onion Studio shows you how to make a reusable shopping bag from a t-shirt with very minimal sewing.


Go HERE where shows you how to make a no-sew reusable shopping bag from a t-shirt!  She even shares how she used them to wrap Christmas gifts in and save on the cost of wrapping paper (nice!).


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