Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the Kitchen: Make Your Own Instant Oatmeal Packets!

Thanks to Vegan Lunchbox for use of the image!
Once you realize how easy this is you are seriously going to wonder why you are shelling out close to 4.00 for 10 little envelopes of instant oatmeal (or whatever it goes for anymore).

Go HERE where Chickens in the Road shares a good "bulk" type of recipe for instant oatmeal (you can store it in a jar and just mix it up as needed).

Go HERE where Vegan Lunchbox shows you how to make instant oatmeal packets (and shares some AWESOME sounding "recipes" to put in your packets for cool breakfasts or snacks).


Go HERE where Tammy's Recipes shows you her recipe for home made instant oatmeal and some of her different flavors to try.

Want some more "steel cut oats" instead?  Well...

GO HERE where The Kitchen shows you how to make steel cut oats once and use mason jars (woohoo!  Yet another use for mason jars! ;) to make 5 days worth of breakfasts at one time for ease of serving later on!

Chickens in the Road even gives you the list of "stuff" that is in your store bought oatmeal packets compared to good old fashioned home made ones.  So, go feed your kids less processed foods for cheaper than you'd buy them at the store and feel GOOD about what they are eating :).


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