Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In the Kitchen: Make Your Own Coffee Creamer!

Thanks to Deliciously Organic for use of the image!
 *Drags soapbox to front of room, stands up on it and clears throat*

"Uh...hi!  My name is Erika, and I am a flavored coffee creamer addict!"

*Gets off soapbox and throws it over shoulder*

Anyway, seriously, my biggest weakness in my grocery budget every week is one that is hard to admit.  I loves me some coffee creamer.  I CAN and have drank coffee black and used to during college and my working years just because of the lack of the one thing I've found to be my greatest weakness.  Wonderfully, thick sweet flavored coffee creamer.

Unfortunately, my son also likes my coffee creamer laden hot (well lukewarm...once you have kids you'll understand that part) beverage and likes to sip my coffee by reaching up, grabbing said mug and horking a big gulpfull before I know what hit me.  When I also take into account the ingredient LIST on said coffee creamer and all of the chemicals it is made up of...for some odd reason putting those into MY body would bother me, but not enough to really worry about giving it up.  Putting them into my SON'S body...well that REALLY bugs me.  So, I went searching for coffee creamer alternatives that didn't require the use of a can of condensed milk (I don't like what sweetened condensed milk does to my just makes them plague up WAY easier which I'm not fond of).  And searching for an alternative to coffee creamers I ran into a land mine of greatness AND a great website...all at the same TIME!  I know!  I'm proud of me too ;).

So, go HERE where Deliciously Organic gives you like four recipes for coffee creamer to try (cinnamon strudel is SO going into my tea next time I want some!) that requires ingredients like milk, cream, maple know all kinds of things you can pronounce (I am SURE you could use milk substitutes for the milk in the recipes and it would turn out JUST fine too :)!  What a marvelous concept :).

Maybe I won't have to give up my coffee creamer afterall!


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