Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In the Kitchen: Amazingly Simple (Gourmet) Salsa

Thanks to Organizing Home Life for use of the image!
Confession?  One of the things I truly MISS bigtime since the garlic allergy is salsa.  I have made salsa without the garlic and while I can make one heck of a picante just isn't salsa and I continue to miss it on the rare occasions I eat corn chips :(.

But, for those of you who CAN have garlic in your house (you lucky ducks you ;) here's an AWESOME recipe I tried ages ago that takes LITERALLY 4 main ingredients (and yes you can find them all pretty easily as Cilantro does get carried by Fred Meyer and Carrs now at least...not sure about Wal-Mart).

Go HERE where Organizing Home Life shows you how to make a VERY simple and SUPER yummy gourmet-tasting salsa!


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