Monday, January 23, 2012

Feed Your Family on 250.00 a Month With Whole Foods? It Can Be Done!

Thanks to Keeper of the Home for use of the image!
This article is not only cool, but it also is REALLY close to our prices, gives you recipe ideas and just an idea of how to get started.

Also, in response to those who have e-mailed me and asked me to maybe DO something like this to show what type of budget we have with the food allergies and everything in the house...give me a little bit of time to work on that and make SURE we have our dietary needs sorted first (since I'm still working on oat free, coconut free and now corn restricted diet).  I'm not ignoring you, and honestly I'm psyched about challenging myself to see how low I can get our grocery budget too, but it's just going to take me a LITTLE bit of time to get it all worked out around here :).

Anyway, if you don't really have any dietary restrictions in your house and are just trying to go cheap on groceries, check out this post for inspiration.

Go HERE where Keeper of the Home shows you how to feed your family for (about) 250.00 a month with whole foods (she even puts organic milk into her budget!).


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