Thursday, January 26, 2012

Easy Craft Idea: Make Headbands Out of Old T-Shirts

Thanks to "Make it and Love it" for use of the image!
Have some old T-shirts that you are getting tired of falling out of your closet at you this time of year?  Yeah, me either *shoves t-shirts back into box and balances it precariously in closet again*.  Anyway, the next time you run into an old t-shirt that you don't need anymore, here's one of MANY (going to see a trend in t-shirt re-purposing posts here ;) things you can do with them.

Go HERE where Make it and Love it shows you how to make your own braided headband out of old t-shirts (now I just need to get the whole "5 braid" thing down and I'm set ;).


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