Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY: How to Build a Dollhouse w/ accessories and print outs!

Thanks to Let's Build a for use of the image!

Okay, ahem, confession time.  You know how when you are a kid and people ask what you want to be when you grow up?  Some kids would answer, "A doctor!" or "A Fire Fighter".  Me?  I always wanted to answer, "I want to make miniatures and dollhouses when I grow up!"  Sadly, my obsession with "small" things hasn't really diminished so much as I just try to keep it a hidden love ;).
But, this lady not only takes pride in her miniature obsession she shares all KINDS of awesome stuff!  On this site you can get plans to build a dollhouse (you can even get Home Depot to cut your wood to dimensions like she did when you buy your wood), she shares how to get free printables for dollhouse wallpaper, paper food,  how to make furniture from cardboard and cloth, etc.  I'm in miniature loving heaven here *laugh*.

Go HERE where Let's Build a shows you how to build and decorate your own dollhouse in style.

Thanks to for use of the image!

You can also go HERE where you can learn how to make a Dollhouse Bookcase (it's huge) that you can turn into a dollhouse, or shock of shocks, keep as a bookcase.

Thanks to Disney Family Fun for use of the image!
 And if all of that is out of your budget or you don't have room?  How about going HERE where Disney Family Fun shows you how to make a ranch style dollhouse out of cardboard that will slide under a bed when not in use and uses recyclables from around your house to make all the furniture (I was really impressed with how good AND functional the furniture really looks).


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