Thursday, January 19, 2012

Common Knowledge Thursday: Learn How to Knit

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I proudly state that I know how to knit...a straight LINE, but I know how to knit ;).  I taught myself to knit (with some help from my mom, but I did self teach a LOT of the way) a long while ago and still consider myself to be somewhat of a novice.  BUT, I do like knowing that I can knit a scarf if I want and that I can get creative knitting things like pot holders and such if I need to (buy used scarfs at yard sales and unravel them for CHEAP and a lot of times good quality yarn is a nice tip by the way :).  Knitted items also make awesome home made Christmas gifts if you want to go with a personal touch.

So, go HERE where Knitting has a series of free videos you can watch so you too can join the ranks of those who know how to knit!


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Stephanie said...

W2G! I taught myself how knit watching youtube. It was great. I used size 11 needles until I was comfortable and went down to whatever size I needed.

Try for all sorts of free patterns