Thursday, January 26, 2012

Common Knowledge Thursday: How to Darn a Sock

Thanks to "The Art of Doing Stuff" for use of the image!
Ever had one of those pairs of socks that you've had for years, loved, and then they developed a hole in the wrong spot (like right in the center of your arch...I mean HOW does that happen)? 

Well, this happened to me not too long ago with my favorite pair of "super thick socks that are soft, love your feet and keep your feet warm in your boots even in this terribly frigid weather we are having" and I knew I had to do something about it.  So, I went online and learned how to darn a sock. 

Yes, "darn a sock" and no I'm not cussing it (well I did the time I pricked my finger fixing it, but you get the idea).  Yes, that is an actual term and if you made fun of it I'm sure your grandmother would smack you with the nearest soft object for not knowing how to do it.  My particular grandmother (who luckily lives far out of "whacking with pillow range") was also appalled that I didn't know how to do this as it was common knowledge in her day, so I figured I'd try to bring back that "common knowledge" to the "newer" generations :).

So, go HERE where The Art of Doing Stuff  shows you how to darn a sock the next time you need to fix one of those pesky holes!


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