Wednesday, January 25, 2012 A Couple of Soy Free (and other allergy friendly) Deals Today!

I was re-ordering things (and just plain ordering things) off of Amazon and noticed that a couple of the products I was ordering were soy free as well as peanut free (in the case of the almond butter) and coconut free (palm shortening :).  So, to those unlucky people who are allergic to soy out there (talk about something being IN everything!) I just wanted to pass these along to you...

Turns out Barney Butter is soy free (no soy warning on the label anywhere and the ingredient list reads:  Almonds, evaporated cane juice, palm fruit oil, sea salt.  Made in an Almond only facility.).  So, way cool there :).  Sorry, I was all excited since I was looking through nut butters to make some cookies for a friend of mine's daughter who is allergic to soy around Christmas and had NO luck (that was before I found Barney Butter).  So, I wanted to definitely pass that little tid-bit along as children need their nut butters (at least it is one of my go-to comfort foods :).

You can order Barney Butter through who has a flat rate shipping to Alaska of like 9.98 or something like that (I get the garlic free veganaise for my back up mayonnaise through them and next time I order that I'll probably order the Barney Butter through them), so I wanted to pass that along.  OR you can get the crunchy right now on for not a bad price...

Barney Butter Crunchy Almond Butter, 16-Ounce Jars (Pack of 3) is 24.84 with Subscribe and Save.

And here's a good deal on palm shortening (at least I THOUGHT so). 

Spectrum Naturals Organic Shortening, All Vegetable, 24-Ounce Containers (Pack of 4) is 25.99 and ships with free standard shipping (it'll ship with Super Saver Shipping for free, but if you're going to get it, why not get the Standard Shipping for free instead right?)!  I was impressed with that one :).

Anyway, I just had to share these just because I was thrilled to find them.  Amazon rocks!  Ahem.  Okay, I'm off to do other blogging now ;).


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