Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reader Questions: "Where do you get Calendula?" and other things

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Reader, Jennifer, asked a very good question via e-mail and that was...

"Where do you buy Calendula?  I've never even heard of it."

Well, Jennifer, Calendula is actually commonly referred to as "pot marigold" (and no, I'm not an expert on it, I just learned that as I've researched this stuff *laugh*) and I've found that the petals, especially when you steep them in olive oil and let them transfer all of their goodness to said olive oil, ROCK HARD in fighting eczema!  I absolutely love the calendula oil (just the steeped olive oil, but when the process is done it's referred to as calendula oil :) applied directly to the really nasty irritated parts of my son's eczema but I've found that calendula salve kicks about 99.9% of commercial moisturizers to the curb (and I do not say that lightly believe me because I've tried them ALL!).  It's one of the "all natural" super troopers when it comes to moisturizing and healing skin.

As for where to find Calendula...I'm not really SURE about local resources for it just because I've never really tried and looked for it.  But, I buy mine from Jen's Teas Herbs and More on Etsy.  1/4 lb of calendula petals will run you 5.70 AFTER shipping.  And trust me, 1/4 lb doesn't seem like a lot but you get a freezer bag pretty with a HUGE amount of calendula petals in it (she goes by weight, not volume :).  Right now if you hit her shop the calendula petals aren't going to show up just because I JUST purchased her listing for them like 10 minutes ago (buying ahead principle for me), but it does seem to be one of her normal items she lists.

Next up is a question from Sharon,

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"I was just curious if you knew of any good deals on reusable snack bags?  I would like to get some for my daughter for her snacks at pre-school".

I can't think of any killer sales on them right this moment (daily deal or local-wise), but where I usually buy my reusable snack bags is from Thread Bare Stitcher on Etsy.  What I love about this shop is that her reusable snack bags are SUPER cute, great quality and dirt cheap (what's not to love?) compared to other outfits.  For example?  You can get 8 reusable snack bags for less than 20.00 shipped.  Here's the link to some with Halloween themes on them (like the ones seen above).  Halloween Snack Bags.  And yes, the snack bags are decent sized.  They are usually big enough to hold 2 days worth of snacks (Gold Fish Crackers, etc.) in one bag for my kids in pre-school.

And there you go folks!  Enjoy!  And thanks for writing :).


Ginger Fritz said...

I'm pretty sure All About Herbs (Palmer and Wasilla) and also AK Midnite Scents (I think they were in D&A Mall, but possibly in Crossroads Center on Bogard, would carry Calendula oil. It's used as a base, similar to almond oil, to which you can add scents (essential oils).

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Yeah, I just found it was easier to make my own than buy it (I mean everywhere I've priced the oil it's like what 5.00 an ounce or so...ouch!). I haven't checked out the local sources though. I can't imagine that buying it WOULD be cheaper than making it, but that's just me. I bought what a 2 gallon thing of olive oil from Costco last year which was 22.00 and the petals cost me 5.00. So for 27.00 I have enough Calendula and olive oil to make TONS of stuff and I can use the olive oil for cooking too :).

I also found that I like having the petals. If you put them in glass jar (air tight of course) they make a really pretty accent to a room and then you can do things like grind up Calendula petals and add them to your soap ;).

But, thank you for the information. If people don't have the time or the want to get the petals and make the oil themselves, it's good to know it's PROBABLY available locally, so they can get it for eczema :). I appreciate the help!