Saturday, October 1, 2011

DIY: Make Your Own Stick Deodorant

Thanks to "Keeper of the Home" for use of the photo!

I was going to do this on Thursday for the "Thursday is Spa Day" post, but we've been down with a terrible cold around here and today I finally caught it (lucky me)...thus the lack of posts today sorry to say.  BUT, I wanted to share this just because it is so extremely cool.

Keeper of the Home shows you HERE how to make your own all-natural (and really easy actually) stick deodorant.  The basic ingredients are coconut oil, arrowroot powder (you could also use corn starch), baking soda and beeswax.  And whatever essential oils you want for scent of course.

The only "odd" ingredient you might need is beeswax pellets, but I know Michaels in Anchorage sells them and you can also find them at All About Herbs in the Valley (and yes, they are relatively cheap :).  You could also grate up block beeswax, but be sure you have a grater you don't care about before attempting to grate beeswax as it does NOT come off from what I understand.


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