Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Totally Gluten Free Tuesday: Grilled Swordfish With Citrus Herb Crust

Thanks to Steamy Kitchen Recipes for use of the photo
I tried to think of a different "segment" to do every day just for fun, so on Tuesday's I figure I'll share with you some of my favorite or "oooo I want to try that" recipes for gluten free cooking.  Since I find that I actually feel better eating gluten free I am really trying to adhere (as much as I can) to a gluten free diet myself, so while challenging it is worth it in the end I think :).

This is a recipe that comes off of a site that one of our readers recommended and I've quickly become addicted to looking around on it.

So, go HERE to get one great (and easy) recipe for Citrus Herb Crusted Swordfish from Steamy Kitchen Recipes.  I made this just with some cod fillets and used a cast iron skillet instead of the grill (rain and all) and it was really yummy!

Make this with some quinoa or some rice and your veggie of choice (I made steamed asparagus, even though I'm the only one in the house who seems to eat it *laugh*)  and you're good to go I'd say :).


Warning:  Recipe contains citrus and fish (which is a no-brainer, but no point looking up the recipe if you're allergic to those :).

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