Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday is Self-Made Spa Day: Make Your Own Sugar Scrub

Thanks to Petit Elefant for use of the photo!
Sugar Scrubs are seriously some of the simplest things to make, are really easy to personalize and mess around with the ingredients on (I'm still trying to recreate my favorite pumpkin sugar scrub I got off of Etsy right now *laugh*) and they just make your skin so DARN smooth.

The best part about them, too, is that you can apply them during your three minute shower if you're a mom...and yes, that is a great selling point on them for me *laugh*.

I like to dress mine up with different essential oils.  Lavender (I use about 20 drops to a container of sugar scrub) lends a really nice relaxing scent, or you could add some peppermint for a more energizing scent...the sky is the limit here.  Even the vanilla in the original recipe (like who doesn't have vanilla extract in the house right?) smells great.

By the way...I made gift baskets of home made spa products for Christmas for the females in the family last year.  I have heard more "Thank you's" and "Wow's" off of those gifts then any gifts I've ever given to family members.  And the best part about it is *leans in close* they are super cheap to make and are actually a lot of fun to make too ;).

So, go HERE and learn how to make your own sugar scrub from a list of very common household materials (and a short list at that) and enjoy some of your own home made spa goodness from the site Petit Elefant.

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