Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick Update and blog question for readers

Sorry for the lack of posts today.  I had a sick daughter this morning (she ate something that did not agree with her last night and woke up with stomach issues) and so my husband and I were up with her since the wee hours of the morning (1/2 an hour after my son crashed much to my exhaustion) and then we had the allergist appointment for my son this morning and we were gone until this afternoon when I ended up doing research most of the day trying to figure out how to juggle everything for him.

See, he came back highly allergic to peanuts and is also pretty allergic to garlic.  Those are only the two FOOD allergies.  We also have birch, alder and cottonwood trees, dogs, cats and mice.  So, it makes life a little complicated when you add all that together combined with my daughter's dust allergy.  I'd crawl into a corner, curl into a ball and suck my thumb for the next 20 or so years, but my kids need me to figure this stuff out, so here I am.  I'm not feeling sorry for myself or anything, more like overwhelmed and trying to figure out how to change our diets to work with these new complications.  I spent most of the afternoon and evening looking into prices on laminate flooring and living room furniture (have to go for the dust and pet dander issues...the owners before us had cats and the dander was in the carpet even before MY cat got here and the living room furniture we got used from a dog and multiple cat owner and the furniture is still housing pet fur and dander no matter how many times I've cleaned it), going through my cupboards and throwing everything that contains peanuts or has a "may contain" warning of peanuts into a box and then calling companies of every canned soup, ravioli etc and finding out if there is garlic in them.  It's been a fun day.

At least the allergist gave me some print outs of eczema research and things to try, gave us a new skin cream (and it doesn't irritate my son's skin more's the miracle) and gave us a plan of action to approach the naturpath with.  So, there was an upper in the middle of picking up epi pens and reading through action plans for the school.

I find myself in an odd position here.  I have run this blog for the past 2 + years on coupons and deals geared to help Alaskans and others in high standard of living areas save money (because I know how darn hard that is myself) and I've really enjoyed doing that.  The biggest issue I'm having right now is that coupons are HELPING don't get me wrong, but they are not helping me as much as they used to by any stretch.  When you're making your own cleaners, mixing up your own salves and lotions and then finding out that a large portion of pre-packaged foods aren't going to be able to be eaten by your family, it sort of puts a damper on the "coupon highs" of yore.

So, my question is this.  If I changed the focus of this blog to encompass things like DIY projects to help you save money (freezer cooking and such), organic and natural food deals (as much as I can of course) and highlight deals geared to those having to deal with allergies or other sensitivities (for instance highlighting deals at local restaurants with a gluten free menu if they choose to share it, etc.) would you be willing to continue to read the blog if some of the other deals might slip through the cracks?  I don't mind keeping the blog the way it has always been, but I just feel like I'd be more passionate about the blog if I could shift it's focus a bit to be geared toward things that I could use and I'm sure others with allergy issues (or just trying to live cleaner and greener) would find of interest.

So, what do you think?  Feedback would be appreciated here as I don't want to willy nilly change the blog without doing some good old fashioned focus group work here first.  Also, what would YOU like to see more of in the blog?  I can't promise anything mind you, but it can't hurt to let me know either :).

Thanks for your feedback and continued support through this odd roller coaster of eczema, allergies and other issues I'm finding myself and my family taking part in.


Megan @ MAID in Alaska said...

I'd totally love to see you shift focus, but you know where my head is in all of this... lol.

Anonymous said...

It's your blog! I would definitely continue to follow. We got amazingly lucky and GrandBoy's allergies have apparently gone away. (I'm not 100% sure of that, but his mother says he can eat anything now. With that in mind, I still bake gluten free and watch what he eats when he's here.)

Thank you, and Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the change of focus don't get me wrong I want savings but there are plenty of other sites to get help with that. I have an infant that is pretty allergic to alot of things and work full time so all your research and information is very helpful for me as I have no time. Thank you so much for your efforts and dilegence.
Tessa Reid

BEFFY! said...

I think it's a wonderful idea! You need to be passionate about what you blog about or it becomes a drag and that's not fun. I think you've found your niche and should go for it!

Heather said...

I like the idea! I am always looking for new DIY projects, although you always posted the BEST Amazon deals!!

Sarah said...

I would definitely be interested in a blog with DIY ideas. Especially food/gift ideas. I am also interested in food preserving. My daughter does have allergies to birch, willow, etc. dust(mild), dogs/cats (but they don't bother her) and apples, peaches, plums, cherries, or any other fruit with a pit. I don't necessarily need to read a blog about them, but I'm not opposed to it either. I think if someone really wants "coupon" blogs, there are other choices out there. I say do what you love and are interested in. Isn't that what blogging is about? Good luck! Sarah P.

Anonymous said...

I say do what you want and don't look back, however, truthfully I probably would not follow the blog any longer. I specifically come to your blog for its current sale/coupon information. I, too, have a 5 year old with extreme eczema and allergies to milk, peanuts and eggs so I understand the need to change the blog because your life is changing.