Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make it (late) Monday: How to make your own pot holders!

Thanks to Craftzine.com for use of the photo
I was going to post up this when I made my own pot holders just because I'm tired of the cruddy quality ones you buy at the store and end up with scorched hands by the time you lift a cookie sheet out of the oven, but I ended up with things (once again) slamming my schedule and I just plain didn't have time.

But, you can go HERE where Craftzine.com will walk you through how to sew your own pot holders (if you don't want to buy interfacing, use some old terrycloth dishtowels doubled up inside the pot holder...I've used that trick before and it works SLICK!).

Also, you can just sew a big old "X" (corner to corner) on your pot holder to make everything "stick" in between the layers without getting too involved in the whole "quilt your heart out" phase.  I've actually found I LIKE the "X" method better because it doesn't leak heat through the stitches as much as if you stitch a lot of lines through the pot holder or something :).


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