Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quick Blog Update: Canning, Freezer Cooking recipes and more!

So, a quick update on the blog here. 

First off, with fall fast approaching a lot of you have expressed interest in some different things.  I've been busy "behind the scenes" here working on a project for those of you who saw my posts on Facebook about canning and asked and/or e-mailed me about maybe doing a segment on canning for beginners.  I am, in NO way, as proficient of a canner as those from the older generations (my grandmother, no joke, used to can between 600 to 1000 quarts every year for the winter and I know that's pretty typical when you talk to people with WWII generation relatives)...although mind you one day I hope to be able to can that much to see us through hard times, BUT I figured I could do something for those of you who have never canned before.  I've canned a lot of different things the last three years, and mind you some of them were UTTER failures or just plain things I found out later you weren't SUPPOSED to can, but I have learned a lot.  So, I figured I'd do a segment all this week with one post a day showing you some of my basic "go to" canning recipes (it might last longer if people would like to share their "recipes" and/or methods for canning things.  I'd ESPECIALLY love people to e-mail me about they can their wild game catches for winter :). 

I'll do a combination of ones that can via the hot boiling water method (thus you don't need a pressure canner for those) and some basic recipes for things you DO need a pressure canner for, but are still pretty easy to put together and can yourself.  And, no *laugh* these are not all going to be jelly recipes, although those are so fun and easy you'll just about drop when you find out how much you've been paying for that stuff at the store.

Also, a lot of people have e-mailed me the last little bit (by the way, when I say a "lot" of people, it usually means more than two ;) and asked for me to start just out and out sharing freezer cooking recipes to help get people started in the freezer cooking arena instead of just linking to things in baking day posts.  I keep forgetting that some people just plain don't COOK as much as me and just seeing pictures of things I've done might be a bit overwhelming to them, so yes, I can certainly do that :).  I figure now is a good time to do this as school is starting and people are going to be getting busy (I know I SURE as heck am) and they might NEED some go-to recipes to help just make things a little easier to deal with on those really hectic nights. 

The neatest part about these recipes is that I will be doing gluten free conversions for them (since the recipes I MAKE are now gluten free) so they'll be friendly to the gluten free "I'd love to get into freezer cooking" chef as well. 

Now mind you I have NO idea how long these segments are going to last as they'll pretty much go on until we run out of things to talk about ;), but I just wanted to give you all a heads up (and to remind myself what I'm doing honestly...yes...I'm using Blogger as a's going to have to do until I get a Smartphone or something ;).

If you have a recipe idea and/or request for a recipe for canning and/or freezer cooking, please feel free to e-mail me at alaskanbargainhunter (at) gmail (dot) com.

So, upward and onward fellow busy parents.  Let's do this thing!

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Life in My Land said...

Oh I love canning! I've been doing more of that this year. I actually canned greens for the first time and made several batches of jelly with my berries. Of course there are cases of salmon too. I'd be interested in how you can your beans and about canning sauces with meats. I'm a little nervous about that one. I'm hoping to do more freezer cooking myself soon but we'll see, time is always so short! I'm looking forward to your posts.