Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Shopping Trip: Wal-Mart on 25.00

This shopping trip requires a little back story (but trust me it's a story with a happy ending :).  A while back I joined a contest for a 25.00 Wal-Mart giftcard on Life in My Land.  And hey, I found out about a week and a half ago that I'd won =D!!!

I got back from the doctor's with the kiddos yesterday to find a very pleasant surprise shoved into my door courtesy of Fed Ex.  My giftcard was here!

Since I needed milk (badly), I asked my husband if we could go to Wal-Mart last night and see how far I could make the 25.00 stretch for us.  He agreed and off we went.

What I got for 25.00 is above (and yes you bet I'm happy with it :).  The milk is missing because my husband was drinking it at the time, so imagine that stuck in the picture too would you?

The highlights of my trip?

Fresh Ginger:  1.28 for all you see above.  The cashier stuck in the wrong code or something when he was ringing it up and it comes up on my receipt as bananas.  I didn't catch it until I got home and no I am not going back to debate the issue with Wal-Mart.

T-Shirts for my son 1.00 a piece on clearance (woot!)

Jeans for my son 2.00 on clearance (double woot!)

Jeans for my daughter marked 3.00, but rang up 1.00 on clearance (I can't woot enough there ;).

The rootbeer concentrate was 3.00 and some change after a 1.00/1 coupon my mom sent me from a tearpad she got somewhere for 1.00/1 McCormick flavored extract.  I'm hoping I used it legally after the fact since this stuff is actually rootbeer CONCENTRATE not extract, but it scanned okay.

I was going to try and use the giftcard to pick up some frozen ground turkey, but I found that the price on those things had jumped up to 2.78 per 1 lb tube and I can get better deals than that at Carrs when I find ground chicken and turkey on reduced, so I let that one slide.  I did pick up a corned beef though because Wal-Mart is still the cheapest place in town to pick up those (2.78 lb or something like that).  The corned beef cost me 4.67 for it and that'll be a nice meal.  And yes, it's certified gluten free as is the root beer concentrate (I was so proud of myself that I remembered to check that ;).

So, yeah, I thought I did pretty good for 25.00 (the milk was Wal-Mart brand by the way...I just went cheap this time around).

What am I going to do with root beer concentrate, seltzer water and fresh ginger?  Well you're going to have to stay tuned to find all of that out ;).

Hope your shopping adventures are going well this week too!

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