Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just a couple of updates...

A couple of updates on the blog here.  1)  No I haven't forgotten the canning segment that I was GOING to post last night.  My internet died (well my computer died...I'm still trying to get the new computer network set up so I can switch computers from "old clunky" here) for a little bit and then my daughter threw a four hour fit over pretty much everything and as soon as she got happy my son started in.  So, yeah, by the time they crashed for the evening I was just spent and didn't want to finish up the post.  I'll post up two tonight (hopefully) to make up for the lack and I apologize for the delay.

And 2)  Notice the lack of posts today?  Yeah, that's because there's really NOT a whole lot going on in the deal world today thus far (sad I know).  I did post up the daily deals (Groupons) on Facebook though so you can check those out if you wish.  There are some decent Groupon-like deals to be had today, but that's about all I'm seeing.  I'll see what I can dig up later on.  Right now, my husband took my son to his OT appointment this morning, so I'm going to put on a movie my daughter is begging to watch, curl up on the couch and hopefully doze for about 1/2 an hour :).

Enjoy your day in the meantime!

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