Friday, July 8, 2011

Operation Grassroots Alaska: All About Herbs

First, I'd like to apologize for the distances between these blogging series, but that's due to two big reasons:  My son and my daughter.  It's nothing that is their fault or anything, but I've been dealing with multiple things at once when it comes to allergies, developmental delay issues, dietary and lifestyle changes (going green and gluten free, etc), so I've been just plain SWAMPED when it comes to things happen in the "real world" so the blogging series have sort of gotten pushed to the back burner.  It's not that I'm not wanting to do them, quite the contrary, but I've just got to prioritize right now.  Every parent out there understands I know and to the rest of you I just ask you to be patient for a while here.  Hopefully once I get into a new groove here things will become easier.

This week's edition of Operation Grassroots is focusing on a local Matanuska Valley business:  All About Herbs, Inc.

"All About Herbs" is a business in Wasilla, and a location in Palmer, where you can go to get various all natural supplies for different areas of your life.  What the business mainly seems to "push" is that they have a large selection of herbal supplements, probiotics and other things to help you remain healthy without having to run to the doctor.

Honestly, when I told them about my son's eczema and they wanted me to give him a colon cleanse I was not really impressed with the whole affair in that way (I'm not really gung ho about those types of things), but for me, the appeal of the business is everything else you can find there that you can't find anywhere else (and you can help support a local business by buying it there), is hard to find OR if you want some all natural materials for a decent price.

For instance, they have a HUGE selection of essential oils if you like to scent your own soap, deodorant, etc or if you just like to make your own air diffuser thingies.  The jars seem to run about 9.00 for the average bottle, but their bottles are twice the size of the ones I've bought at other stores for 4.50, so I'd say that's a more than fair price tag on those.  Last time I was there I bought clove and cinnamon essential oils, which I'd not found those at any other store and to order them online would have been a LOT more than 9.00 a bottle after shipping.

I've bought citric acid at the store in the past to make my own bath bombs (at the time it was 9.00 per lb, which I'm not sure what the going rate is now, but it was sure worth it).  They also have a wide variety of soap making and bath making supplies.  For instance they sell raw shea butter there and beeswax, so if you are looking to make lotions, soap or candles it's a good place to start.

I also found they sold unscented liquid Castile Soap, which I'd been wanting to make my own household cleaners and found that their price was less than Fred Meyers for the 32 oz. size as well as

They are also one of the few local sources of raw local honey.  The kind I purchased to try is made in Big Lake.  So, if you're looking to buy local you can support two local businesses at once.  How much more local can you get ;).  They also sell spices and such as well.

I'm not sure if they ship to different areas of the state, but I'm sure you could call them if you are looking for something in particular and they'd be willing to work with you.

You can also check out their website HERE for directions, details, or other things.

So, if you are looking for a local source for all natural products, I'd suggest checking out "All About Herbs" in Palmer and Wasilla.

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