Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Data Bar Replaces UPC: Coupon Changes!

Well, now this I knew I was coming thanks to Miss, "I'm going to do Family Bar Code Scanning, otherwise known as coupon fraud, on National TV and act like I know everything" and others doing things with coupons they shouldn't *sigh*.

Anyway, you're going to start noticing coupons printing without a UPC on them, but don't panic because it's SUPPOSED to be that way.  There's a new barcoding system coming where there's going to be a much longer barcode (otherwise known as the data bar), that is going to be MUCH more detailed than the old UPC code and thus reduce coupon fraud and (this is a definite upper) will make system "beeping" on an item happen much less often (yay!).

For details you can check out Mercedes explanation of events, HERE on Common Sense With Money.  My brain leaked out my ears at about 3:00 am three days ago, so I didn't want to try and explain the changes myself, and voila!  She was nice enough to do it for me ;).


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