Friday, July 1, 2011

Baking Day July, Part 2: Well, I got a LITTLE side tracked...

French Onion Soup Cooled and Ready for Freezer
Well, the baking day was going GREAT I have to say until my husband walked in the door.  He's been out of town pretty much for the last two weeks, so baking activities got a bit derailed as the kids jumped all over him and I had to get everyone soda and snacks to tide them over until dinner :).

I also ended up doing a few side projects.  For one thing, I have been getting Yukon Gold Potatoes in my CSA box the last couple of boxes and I keep forgetting to use them.  So, before they went bad I ended up making some freezer mashed potatoes (since I had some Philadelphia Cooking Creme to use up too) and I also made some really kicking chicken lo mein with some quinoa noodles I got earlier in the week and some chicken I had in the freezer.  The only downside to the lo mein "kit" is that I didn't have any cabbage to shred and freeze with the veggies (always freeze veggies separate in stir fry kits and such so they'll stay crunchy and not turn into mush and ALWAYS freeze them fresh, not cooked and then just do the last bit of cooking on serving day :), but I'm going to have to buy some cabbages to make sauerkraut with anyway, so next time it goes on sale I'll just get enough for both projects.  And then I cut up the rhubarb my neighbor gave me finally and froze that and I also cut up and froze some broccoli I had from my CSA box too (husband being out of town, I haven't been cooking as many elaborate meals as normal...PB&J will work for me when he's out of town for a meal).

I also decided, since I have enough cooked chicken from the freezer, that I'm just going to put a couple of the projects I was planning on hold (until tomorrow maybe) and make some chicken with wild rice soup.  My son will eat the solids out of soup and he loves rice, so I figure it's a win win type of scenario :).

So here's what I've done so far today...

1 Chicken Lo Mein (I just used some super condensed chicken broth instead of the bouillon and I always add more oil and soy sauce then they call for and for most of the oil I add toasted sesame oil.  Comes out tasting like Mongolian BBQ.  Yummy!!!).

1 Freezer Mashed Potatoes  Mine ended up making 1 8x8 dish of them.

1 Bag Rhubarb diced and frozen

1 Bag broccoli cut up and frozen

2 Recipes White Sauce (from the book Fix, Freeze, Take & Bake)

1 Recipe Apricot Glazed Chicken (from Don't Panic - Dinner's in the Freezer: Great-Tasting Meals You Can Make Ahead)...still need to make glaze and I'm going to sub orange marmalade for the apricot preserves.

1 Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread (made from Bob's Red Mill Mix)
currently in bread maker

1 French Onion Soup (from Don't Panic)  This one ended up being a Frankenstein of a recipe.  I'll share it later and yes, it tastes yummy :).  Waiting for it to cool down to bag it right now.

1 thing Beef Seasoned/marinated for beef fajitas (from Don't Panic)

2 Recipes Taco Meat

1 Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies (gluten free)

1 Recipe Cannelloni w/cheese sauce from (from Fix and Freeze...with modifications to use gluten free products)

pork fried rice (From Fix and Freeze)

Philly Beef Sandwich Meat Kit (from Fix and Freeze)  Made my own spice mix instead by mixing seasoning salt with a good amount of oil, some grill seasoning, some italian herb mixture and just a HINT of liquid smoke.  I'll cook the thin cut steaks on the grill and make sandwiches that way. 

Peach Crisp (with gluten modifications from "Fix and Freeze")

Pancakes (from mix)

Beef Terriyaki

Minute Steaks (just thin cut pieces of beef from a chuck roast I cut up...made my terriyaki beef with same beef, etc.) for french dips later on

And there you are.  My list so far.  I'm hoping to still get thing white sauce and the soup made tonight, but we'll see how I do.  I'm really starting to run out of steam and my cough is coming back, so I'll see how far I get.

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