Friday, July 1, 2011

Baking Day July: Part 1

The Work Station for today

MAN did I get a rough start this morning.  It started with having to go through my china cabinet items (oh yeah, by the way my china cabinet collapsed night before last...yeah thank GOD June is over) and making sure nothing else was broken while my daughter tried to play with my some antiques that had been in the china cabinet while mom tried to explain to her they weren't toys.  Then my son tried to go and play in the catbox by jamming himself under the baby gate into the laundry room (we have to keep it raised so our poor old kitty can get to her food and stuff...she can't really "jump" anymore) and I had to rescue him.  On top of the fact that my son and I got three whole hours of sleep due to him waking up every ten minutes itching and I took a Zyrtec to try and get my allergies under control so I was just doped AND tired.

Long story short, my entire morning went like that.  I went from children demanding attention to diapers needing to be changed, to giving children different medicines, to slathering son up with lotions to getting kids lunch to...well you get the idea.  I finally was able to get things started about 2 hours ago by wooing my children with non-educational fluff programming (Shaun the Sheep makes me flinch because there's no talking and I want to encourage my son to talk, but both the kids love it) and M&M's.  Will I win mom of the year for it?  Probably not.  Was I able to FINALLY start to get things accomplished?  Yes.  Do I think it was worth it?  Well...I'll feel guilty about bribing the kids later.  For now I'll answer you bet.

I also had a small hiccup when I realized that all of my terriyaki pre-made marinades (and most of my marinades period) had wheat in them.  So, then I had to go and look up HOW to make my own teriyaki sauce.  Found a recipe that got five stars HERE and went with it.  And hey, it only contains corn starch for a thickener.  Always nice to find ;).

So, what have I gotten done so far?  I'll check off my list as I go along, but here's what I've done so far...

2 Recipes White Sauce (from the book Fix, Freeze, Take & Bake)

1 Recipe Apricot Glazed Chicken (from Don't Panic - Dinner's in the Freezer: Great-Tasting Meals You Can Make Ahead)...still need to make glaze and I'm going to sub orange marmalade for the apricot preserves.

1 Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread (made from Bob's Red Mill Mix)
currently in bread maker

1 French Onion Soup (from Don't Panic)  This one ended up being a Frankenstein of a recipe.  I'll share it later and yes, it tastes yummy :).  Waiting for it to cool down to bag it right now.

1 thing Beef Seasoned/marinated for beef fajitas (from Don't Panic)

2 Recipes Taco Meat

1 Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies (gluten free)

1 Recipe Cannelloni w/cheese sauce from (from Fix and Freeze...with modifications to use gluten free products)

pork fried rice (From Fix and Freeze)

Philly Beef Sandwich Meat Kit (from Fix and Freeze)  Made my own spice mix instead by mixing seasoning salt with a good amount of oil, some grill seasoning, some italian herb mixture and just a HINT of liquid smoke.  I'll cook the thin cut steaks on the grill and make sandwiches that way. 

Peach Crisp (with gluten modifications from "Fix and Freeze")

Pancakes (from mix)

Beef Terriyaki

Minute Steaks (just thin cut pieces of beef from a chuck roast I cut up...made my terriyaki beef with same beef, etc.) for french dips later on

And there you have it folks. What I've done so far. Hopefully I can keep this productivity up.

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