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Operation Grassroots Alaska: Alaska Chicks

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Today's edition of "Operation:  Grassroots Alaska" is a business located right here in good ol' Palmer, AK and is a place that you can stop in and buy up-cycled (and very pretty) furniture, custom designed hoodies and t-shirts and just some neat items.  Alaska Chicks.

Alaska Chicks was started by a local farm girl named Charity Folcik who turned furniture and apparel designer.  When she started her business she decided to rent a space inside of another store so that she would be able to run the business while being a stay at home mom of three.  Alaska Chicks retail location is located at 840 S Colony Way, inside Cover Ups (look for Carquest and you can't miss it :).

I actually found Alaska Chicks through Alaska's Talented Moms (a Facebook community).  I had no idea that the store was even in downtown Palmer.  In my defense, yes I have been living under the proverbial rock for four years raising my two children ;).

When I ran across their Facebook page  I was immediately impressed with the products.  I am by no means an expert, but I have restored my share of antique furniture in my time (it was plentiful and cheap to find in my area of PA), so seeing someone saving furniture that would otherwise be wasted by giving it "new life" and making it look DARN good as well, impressed the heck out of me.  I KNOW the sheer amount of work involved in those projects and I know it's a labor of love to do it.

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 I also loved the design of their shirts (seen above).  The words on the shirts "Tough Alaska Chick" say it all.  You can even get children's shirts that read, "I Love My Little Alaska Chick".  Very cute stuff!  They also make custom knitted headbands (also seen above), which have the "Tough Alaska Chick" logo on a patch on the back of them.  My sister-in-laws would love, and I mean LOVE, the shirts.  They take great pride in being Alaskan (sure I do too, but I'll always be an import, they were born here).  I'm hoping to save up some money and at least invest in one of these shirts for me (don't tell my sister-in-laws I said that, they'd probably beat me that they weren't included in that statement ;).  I'd LOVE to be able to get one...I'm a sucker for hoodies anyway, but I do take pride in being an Alaskan Chick too.

I was hoping to stop in and take my own pictures for this article (money being tight I couldn't afford to buy a shirt, no matter how much I wanted to...temporary lay offs and construction do suck sometimes), but once I got in the store my daughter saw a play kitchen she wanted (she saw play pans and immediately wanted me to buy it), and my son was trying to get into everything (ahh kids) so I had to take a VERY quick look around and jet before I ended up becoming the living testimony to the words, "you break it, you bought it".  I need to go back at some point in the future without my children to look around (man do I end up saying THAT a lot).

Even though my trip was a short one, I loved what I saw.  They had the CUTEST telephone bench (you know, cross between a table and a chair) right by the door, the aforementioned play kitchen, which was obviously kid approved, and other furniture I never really got to look at much (kept hoping to look at dressers and things, but it was not to be).

If you are ever in Palmer, I'd definitely suggest stopping by and taking a look around.  You might just find something cool to take home in the way of furniture (remember to bring your truck *laugh*) or if nothing else you can buy yourself a really awesome shirt to remember the experience or buy one for your wife/mother/sister/daughter and be set for Christmas or birthdays.

You can also order the shirts and headbands (and anything else they might want to list) from their website

So the next time you need a piece of furniture, instead of going and buying new, why not stop in and buy something one of a kind and beautiful instead?  And if you want a shirt that makes a statement ladies, why not proclaim yourself a "Tough Alaska Chick" and take pride in being from this great state of ours!

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