Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heartsy: 15.00 (10.00 after sign up credit) for a 30.00 credit to "Kiss a Prince"

I keep sharing these deals on Facebook and forget that a lot of people aren't on there (sorry).  They just make sharing them on Facebook so much easier (just hit a button and voila!  Done!).  Anyway, there are a couple of deals I want to share with you today if you DON'T do the Facebook thing and this one is a big one for me.

One of the Heartsy deals for today is 15.00 for a 30.00 store credit to "Kiss a Prince"

The thing that makes this store stand out for me is that they sell actual two packs of unscented castile soap.  Not only is this stuff GREAT if you have sensitive skin (or for little babies) since it's free of perfumes and dyes (made from olive oil actually), BUT if you want to make free and clear laundry detergent (like I'm going to) this stuff is a MUST have to make your laundry detergent quite literally "free and clear".  Even Ivory has scent added to it, so I wanted something as literally as "free and clear" as I could get.

The other thing I ordered from the shop is they sell peppermint tea tree soap.  Not only is this stuff a good thing to have around for first aid (tea tree soap is a natural bacteria killer), but I read in my allergist catalog that tea tree oil will help to kill dust mites (one of the things my daughter is now allergic to).  I ordered the peppermint tea tree soap, plan to grate that into a powder with a natural stain stick I bought from Life-Soap-Simple (sodium borate and soap combination) and use it as a laundry booster (for my daughter's bedding, etc.) to hopefully help kill the little buggers off (like 1 tsp of the mix per load, followed by an additional rinse of course).  It seemed cheaper than shelling out the 40.00 for the liquid version they had in the catalog and I honestly think it sure can't hurt.

So, yeah, I just wanted to mention this to anyone who is looking for help with skin issues :). 


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stacy prince said...

Hi! I wanted to thank you so much for sharing our heartsy deal on your blog! Its so nice to read about someone who puts so much thought into the benefits of our products! We put a lot of thought and time into making healthy, beneficial products and it just makes my day to read this! thank you again! Oh, by the way, we are running another special on Heartsy later this week... $9 for $21 credit! So stop back by again! Thank you!
Stacy Prince @ Kiss A Prince