Saturday, May 14, 2011

Operation Grassroots Alaska: Mocha Moose!

My quest for good Alaskan-roasted coffee has gone on for years.  I kid you not.  I always loved the idea of being able to get good fresh roasted coffee beans in our state instead of dealing with beans that had gotten shipped all over the country (and in some cases from different parts of the world) AFTER the beans were roasted, so by the time we got them up here they'd gone through various stages of freeze and thaw and the taste could be a little bit unpredictable.  I actually got a container of whole beans once that had gone through so many high humidity areas (or just gone through freeze and thaw enough) that they were WET when I opened the bag.  When you are shelling out the prices we do for coffee beans, this was not a desirable situation for me.

So, over the years, when I'd have some extra money, I'd search around local tourist trap types of shops or go and hit the local stores trying to find some new local coffee company and see if I could find good coffee.  My LORD have I tried some rank coffee over the years.  I remember making "Tundra Mud" with all kinds of hopes once and giving a cup to my coffee loving sister-in-law.  Both of us took a sip...and then both spit it out at about the same time.  My sister-in-law's comment still rings in my ears, "My GOD that stuff DOES taste like Tundra Mud!".  Needless to say that was the first in a long line of Alaskan based coffees that I've tried over the years and then subsequently thrown out.

So, when I went on the search for a GOOD source of locally made coffee I asked opinions on Facebook without much hope of finding decent tasting coffee.  One of our blog member's families actually owns and runs Mocha Moose in Wasilla and she immediately answered my call on Facebook saying without any type of ego that her father roasted the best coffee in Alaska.  She also offered me some free samples of their coffee if I'd like to stop in to try the coffee out. 

I'm ALWAYS willing to try new things, so I ran into Wasilla and picked up my samples hoping for something decent tasting.  As soon as I got out to the car I squeezed the bags and smelled the coffee (yes I do that *laugh*) and immediately wanted to go home and brew a pot because the coffee actually SMELLED good.

The next morning I brewed my morning coffee and waited anxiously for it to get done so I could taste it.  The first sip I drank black to get a good idea of what the coffee's "personality" was.  And I looked over at my husband with what he later described as a "dreamy" expression on my face and said, "Wow...I've finally found a coffee I can drink black if I want!"

Mocha Moose was nice enough to give me two bags of coffee to test drive, the "Good Morning Alaska" blend and the "Costa Rican" blend.  After MANY cups of coffee I have finally decided that the Costa Rican blend is my favorite, but it was a hard decision.  I have brewed NOTHING but Mocha Moose coffee since I got my samples and am seriously thinking about giving my sister-in-law the rest of my other coffee.  The coffee is SERIOUSLY that good and that addicting. 

The best part about Mocha Moose, for those of you NOT in the Valley, is that they'll ship all over the state.  Their prices are 14.95 lb shipped (the shipping is included in the price) or 10.50 lb if you pick it up in store (or 45.00 for 5 lbs).  At the present time they do NOT offer flavored coffees, but that's what the good Lord created coffee creamers and coffee syrups for (or as another Mocha Moose fan pointed out on my Facebook page, melting just some soft caramels in your coffee with a little bit of milk on top of that is truly decadent and pretty darn cost effective too.  Isn't that a brilliant idea?  I thought so too ;).

If you'd like to order coffee you can do so through The Mocha Moose Website.  Just click on the "Buy Coffee" link on the left side of the page.

Think of it this way.  Good coffee is VERY hard to find and this way you can get GREAT coffee, support a local Alaskan business AND you're also supporting one of our blog members and fellow coupon user.  What more do you need to know?

I would suggest Mocha Moose Coffee to anyone who loves coffee.  I'm off to order another bag of Costa Rican for myself right now :).  Enjoy your java folks, I know I will!

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