Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Winner of the Coupon Giveaway!!!

I feel like one of the coffee zombies.  You know, you wander around in the morning with the empty mug held out in front of you, an equally empty expression on your face as you keep repeating, "Coffee...coffee" over and over and over again as you are waiting for the coffee pot to brew.  Yeah, that's me this morning.  2 hours of sleep average and less than that the last couple of nights be wearing on me.

Anyhow, I did have presence of mind enough to go to good old random.org this morning and imput the numbers in the random number generator widget to get a winner for our coupon giveaway.  And hey, random.org made it easy for me by picking the number 21 (I subtracted my post, of course, since I didn't need to win anything ;).  So the winner of the coupon giveaway is...

Mrs. Forster (jkforster@....)!

Who said, "Happy Birthday!!!!! I read your blog everyday. THANK YOU :)"

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway and for all the great "Happy Blogiversary" messages.  You guys made me blush =).  And I just wanted to say thank YOU for reading this thing.  If you guys didn't read it...well it'd be a lot more boring for me to blog wouldn't it ;).

Thanks to all who joined the contest and good luck on the next one!  And congrats to Mrs. Forster!  I'll shoot an e-mail off to you here as soon as I can get some coffee down me and be somewhat coherent.  Ooooo!!!  And my coffeepot is making the "I'm sputtering and almost done" noise!  I'm out of here for a few moments ;).

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