Monday, April 25, 2011

Reminder: Last Day to Enter the Coupon Giveaway (and a bonus cool prize)

Just a reminder everyone that today is the last day to enter the giveaway for the packet of coupons to celebrate our 2 year blogiversary :).

As an additional little bit of "coolness" I finally figured out something to give away on top of the packet of coupons to make things super cool.

I will be giving away a 50.00 giftcard with the coupons as well :).

Now before everyone gets all excited about getting some awesomely free food, we have exactly 2 restaurants right now in Alaska that you can buy vouchers for.  There's one restaurant in Eagle River and another one in Fairbanks.  And if you live in Anchorage, Eagle River, the Valley or Fairbanks, that's not a bad thing mind you.  Don't despair if you don't live in those areas though, because you might still be able to use this :).

Here's the neat part.  This giftcard, if you have any family in the lower 48, this would be a very cool gift to give to someone who lives down South :).  I'm giving away a couple of these to my family back in the Pittsburgh area for Christmas because where we have 2 restaurants to choose from up here they have like 20 PAGES of restaurants to choose from in the Pittsburgh area alone.

So, anyway, I just wanted to throw one of those into the kiddie for the winner to get :).  I'll choose a winner tomorrow, so if you want to enter, now is the time!

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