Monday, April 18, 2011

Okay, we've had a bit of a make over...

You will quickly notice the change in appearance of the blog here and I'm sorry for the abrupt "change of scenery" as it were.

I really did like our old layout seemed more old fashioned and stuffy to me (right up my alley ;), but I've been having a lot of problems with the outfit I used to make my 3 column layout on the old version of the blog (and Blogger no longer offers the old Template I started with).  The guy who I was using to house my background images (it was part of the agreement to use his 3 column code) kept having his bandwidth max out for the month and images would disappear (luckily Blogger's default color was so close I doubt anyone really noticed things missing but me) and then yesterday the guy's site got hacked and now people's virus scans were tabbing the blog as a malicous website because the background images were being downloaded from that guy's server (don't worry!  The guy's server got hacked, but that's it...there wasn't any images corrupted by viruses, so don't panic about your computers being compromised).  I decided for the sanity (and safety) of you readers that I'd go with a new template and flush the old blog look. 

It seems so empty/spacious now because the brown border is gone from around the edges and stuff.  I'll try to personalize things as I go (I'm going to have to have my brother look at the code and try to figure out how to re-center the title image because THAT'S going to drive me nuts.  I know HTML and can figure out like 96% of the new Blogger code, but for the life of me I can't figure out where the image code is...oh yeah this is going to become a new obsession rather quickly *laugh*).

Anyway, no the blog hasn't been abducted by aliens and the Illuminati was not behind it.  I just decided for the sake of safety to host the entire blog through Blogger and not worry about potentially putting your computers at risk in case that guy who was hosting the third party images couldn't get his security in gear.

Hope you at least somewhat enjoy the new "look" least until I can figure out how to change the color scheme a bit more to like it used to be ;).

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