Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not going to be in much this week...

Why is it that everything always hits at once when it comes to yearly appointments?  I just looked at my schedule folks and it is pretty DARN full next week.  I've got yearly check-ups galore next week and on top of that I've got to find time to get my house meticulously clean because my son has his first developmental e-val next Monday and I want my house spiffy clean for the speech therapist when they come over (call me odd, but I hate people coming into my house and stepping in crumbs or something).  And with the nice weather I'm picturing a lot of taking my kids outside to play in the puddles and mud on top of everything else, soooooo I'm not sure how much I'm going to be online this next week.  I WILL try to do some deal highlights (since there are some *woohoo!*) and stuff, but for the most part I have got home stuff to do this week, so I might be "out" at lot.

Just wanted to warn you that if you don't see any posts for like an entire day or something, no I'm not dead, just busy.

Hope you all got out today and got to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather (well it was windy, but at least even the wind was pretty warm :).  We sure did.  I'm feeling Spring and it feels AWESOME!

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