Sunday, April 10, 2011

Going to be out till tomorrow afternoon...

Well guys and gals I have a speech therapist coming over for my son tomorrow at about noon, my kids totally thrashed my house yesterday despite being sick (kids are wonders aren't they?) and my grandfather is in the hospital, on top of just general life drama.  So, I'm going to call it that I'm PROBABLY going to be out until tomorrow after the speech therapist leaves because I've got phone calls to make and housework to do.  I'll try to get on late tonight to do recaps and stuff, but I'm not sure how much posting I'm going to be doing here the next 24 hours or so.

Jessica at Alaska's Best Grocery Deals is doing great at keeping on top of things in the meantime.  She even has the Walgreens deals up for this week already!  Also, be sure to check out her Facebook page because there seems to be like this secret community *looks falsely paranoid* that has sprung up there and they're like all, "Hey I can help you save money on this" and "Hey we like to talk and stuff" on there, so if you well LIKE that type of thing you might want to check that out too ;p. 

Kidding!  Seriously I'm amazed how Alaskan's are banding together to save money through Facebook and blogging and things.  I feel honored to be a part of it =).

And so everyone I'm out of here for now.  Take care of yourselves, have fun outside if you're able (I'm so totally into grilling lately with the weather...I'm HUNGERING for Summer right now) and enjoy yourselves!

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Jessica "The Coupon" Hacker said...

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