Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Review Catch-Up Work...

Ugh.  I can't believe how time sort of slips away from you from time to time.  I started looking back on some of my giveaways and thought, "You know I should really give a shout out to what I thought of these things."  Sometimes, mind you, it just takes me a while to get a good honest opinion of the product (like the Lawry's seasonings) and sometimes it's sort of hard to review something (like the yogurt...when it tastes like yogurt what more do you need?).  So, without further ado here's a couple of things that I've tried and what I thought of late.

1)  Yoplait Kids Yogurt with the 25% less sugar:

This was was actually pretty darn good.  I didn't notice the loss of sugar at all, my daughter loved the fact that Lightening McQueen was on the yogurt (and yes, she says the full's really cute :) and she ate an entire container on her own (she does like yogurt though so this wasn't extraordinary).  Overall, I'd give it an A :).

2)  Progresso Soups with less sodium and stuff from the Souper You Debut Kit

Progresso through My Blog Spark sent me like four or five different flavors of soup to try.  Honestly, I ended up adding salt to the chicken noodle soup and every soup I've tried so far (I'm actually sort of scared to try the clam chowder...I'm a major clam chowder snob, and I hate to throw out food, so it scares me I'll admit it), but adding salt is not a bad thing.  It's better than getting a soup that is a total salt lick and not liking that it's too salty (I do tend to like my soup on the saltier side though, so it's hard for me to find a soup that is hard to take on the "too salty" side of things).  My favorite soup by far was the Santa Fe Chicken soup.  That stuff was pretty DARN good and I'd definitely buy that soup again.

3)  The Lawry's Skillet Creation Meal Seasoning Kits...

Lawry's through My Blog Spark sent me like four seasoning kits to try out and it has taken me a while to work through enough of them to give an honest opinion.  Okay, I have to admit it after trying 3 of these things over time...I do NOT like these, like at all.  I tried the Asian Style Beef dinner first and followed the directions on the seasoning packet against my better judgement (it called for broccoli and beef that you add).  I cooked it EXACTLY as the directions called for because I didn't want to "tweak" the directions and make it better than it was supposed to be and not be able to give a good honest review, even though I knew I was in for trouble with it.  The result was a meal that my husband and I didn't even finish.  The amount of time they have you cook the broccoli and the beef for were too long, so I ended up with broccoli mush and chewy beef.  The mix was salty and sweet but I could not really distinguish anything distinctly "Asian" in the seasonings I tasted and neither could my husband.

The second kit I tried was too sweet for my tastes as well as my husband's and so when I got to the Marsala chicken seasoning kit I totally did not care what the directions said, I mixed the entire seasoning packet with some olive oil and a few more seasonings, coated some chicken and potatoes with it and just used them as roasting seasoning.  It turned out okay, more edible than the actual meals that I'd prepared before, so I was at least happy about that.  I only have the Mexican style meal seasoning packet left and I keep looking at it and just putting it back in the drawer.  I'm really not sure if I don't like these seasonings just because I'm so used to mixing up my own seasonings anymore or if I just plain don't like the way the seasonings are mixed in with the dish that they want you to make...I'm going more with B than A, but that's just my personal tastes.  I really wanted to like these since Lawry's was so nice and generous in the kit they gave me through My Blog Spark, but seriously, I just could not get to liking these no matter how hard I tried.

4)  Suddenly Salad Greek Flavor:

You know, I really didn't mind this flavor of Suddenly Salad, but I actually like some of the older flavors (I still really do like the original flavor the best) more.  The only downside to the salad I could find was that the olives in it turned out to be pretty chewy since they were re-hydrated black olives, but overall for a salad you can throw together in under 20 minutes or was not at all bad.

5)  Naked Juice Mango Protein Drink:

This stuff is great if you don't mind drinking beach sand with your fruit juice.  Seriously, this stuff had the texture of drinking a glass of grit and was totally disgusting.  The flavor was at least tasted like mango, but the texture was so terrible it's still sitting in gritty glory in my fridge where it will probably stay until I either chug it as fast as I can so the texture doesn't gross me out too bad, or I'll end up throwing it out.  For, what the 4.00 this stuff costs normally...I will NEVER, EVER be buying this again, no matter how good of a deal I can get on it.  *Shudder* totally not my thing.

So, there you are guys and gals.  My opinions on a few things.  Sorry it took so long to review some of this has actually taken me a while to get an opinion on some of the things (and honestly the Progresso review was going to get published the week my dad passed away and my motivation sort of just went flying out the window there) and the Suddenly Salad one I just totally forgot about until I ran into the box in my pantry last week and made it with dinner (oopsie!).  I knew I wouldn't HATE it though, because Suddenly Salad's are pretty consistent in their quality, so I wasn't overly worried about it :).

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